Our Services

With its talented team of qualified specialists and a cornucopia of delivery vehicles, Niagara Moving Company (NMC) is poised to assist you with all the loading, transportation, and unloading of your items. Let our trained and skilled crew of movers do all the heavy lifting to save your valuable time and prevent the odds of you being injured in the process. There are myriad aspects that you must take into due consideration when planning a move and this is why it is always wise to engage a professional moving company to help you relocate instead of trying to be the do-it-yourself hero.


Whether you are relocating to your new three-bedroom house or a one-bedroom studio, moving from one place to another often turns out to be quite an unnerving experience for most people and even when relocating within the city limits, particularly when you are accountable for planning and executing the entire move. Fortunately, we provide a nifty solution for every potential issue that one may come across during relocation, from sourcing packing supplies on your behalf, packing your goods with the utmost care, offering you as well as your belongings a safe transit, and unloading your assets without causing them any damage as they reach your destination.


Helping companies relocate their offices across Ontario since 2001, we understand that moving an office is entirely different from moving a house and that relocating the former requires a specific set of expertise as well as experience. This is why we have a separate team of logistics experts to oversee our commercial relocation operations. Whether you are the owner of a one-room startup or have a sprawling office with hundreds of employees, we will make sure that your relocation is seamless, hassle-free, and devoid of any business disruption.


Having spent as many as over two decades helping the owners of studios, lofts, and condominiums relocate across Ontario, we continue to remain one of the most preferred and trusted names amongst the condo and apartment moving companies in Canada. Condominium owners have a completely different set of relocation requirements when compared to people moving out from single-family homes and no one understands this better than we do.


We understand that you do not wish to leave anything precious behind when relocating and that they may be so in terms of emotional or financial worth. However, transporting certain goods (family heirlooms, artworks, grand pianos, etc.) by road can often prove to be extremely challenging, particularly when they are characteristically bulky or inherently fragile and this is why we have a dedicated unit of supply chain experts to handle such niche articles.


Our unique alliance with the crème de la crème of inter-city Ontarian movers allows us to provide the highest quality service in the long-distance relocation segment. Whether you need to move your office from Niagara Falls to Port Colborne or simply wish to move your house from Thorold to Welland, a long-distance relocation can be a surprisingly affordable and painless experience with Niagara Moving Company and its increasing motorcade of (global positioning system) GPS-enabled vehicles.


We offer a safe and clean storage facility to keep the belongings of our clients before and after the day of their scheduled relocation. Equipped with multiple levels of state-of-the-art security measures, including high-pitched distress sirens as well as (close-circuit television) CCTV monitoring round-the-clock and treated for common pests periodically, the warehouses of Niagara Moving Company are well illuminated and feature ambient temperature control along with being spacious enough to accommodate the varied storage requirements of its clientele. Note that we also provide all kinds of packing supplies for a nominal sum of money.


With our diverse experience in decluttering residential and commercial properties before relocation by disposing of all the trash that has been accumulated over time, you do not need to worry about how to remove your junk on short notice. We will transport all the broken and decommissioned articles from your house or office to a dumping station or a recycling center in the vicinity. On the contrary, if you want us to distribute them to a charitable organization, we are happy to help.